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乐中学• EQ 情绪智商图书Learning Chinese with Fun EQ Reader

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·        图画生动有趣,书中简单的文字与句子易于引起幼儿的阅读兴趣

·        主题以日常生活常见的事物为题材,增强联想及应用力

·        提供汉语拼音帮助教师,家长和学生,正确地阅读文字的发音

·        每本包括作者所建议的学习目标

·        书附有适当问题供教师与家长和学生有意义地讨论情景建议加强情商价值观


·        林美莲博士

This series focuses on the following areas of EQ:

·        Understanding one’s emotions

·        Learning how to express one’s feelings

·        Showing care and concern for others

·        Building up self-confidence

·        Colorful illustrations to capture pupils’ attention

·        Simple sentence structures

·        Contextual storytelling

·        Hanyu Pinyin provided to help teachers, parents and pupils read with the correct pronunciation

·        Notes from the author lists the objectives of each theme

·        Questions for discussion available

·        Suggested activities provided to reinforce EQ values


·        Author: Dr Connie Lum


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