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Set 2 Long Vowels Complete Pack

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This complete pack consists of 10 Little Books, 1 Big Book and IWB Software.

The 10 Little Books are:

  • Book 1 tail (Long vowel sound ai)
  • Book 2 hay (Long vowel sound ay)
  • Book 3 car (Long vowel sound ar)
  • Book 4 bee (Long vowel sound ee)
  • Book 5 leaf (Long vowel sound ea)
  • Book 6 pie (Long vowel sound ie and y)
  • Book 7 snow (Long vowel sound ow)
  • Book 8 boat (Long vowel sound oa)
  • Book 9 blue (Long vowel sound ue)
  • Book 10 moon (Long vowel sound oo)

The Big Book and IWB software reinforce and extend what has been learnt with the Little Books.

Teacher Resources available on PM Sounds in Words page.

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