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Give children the power that comes from being able to read. Give them Bud-e Reading — the foundational reading program that sets children up to succeed at school. Bud-e Reading is a program designed by Jill Eggleton QSO, our leading international educational consultant in literacy and author of over 800 children's books. Bud-e gives children a head start as they prepare for school and makes learning to read fun, motivating and rewarding.

The first steps to reading and writing for 4 and 5-year-olds.
Every parent wants their child to start school feeling excited and eager to learn. Bud-e Reading is a perfectly executed blend of learning and play, created by world leading literacy specialist, educator and author, Jill Eggleton QSO.

Children will explore, interact and have fun with the wonderful world of Bud-e while taking their first steps to reading on their own.

“I am convinced that Bud-e is a most valuable resource to support the complex processes of literacy learning for most children.” Dr. Libby Limbrick, Dip Tohg, MA (Hons), PhD.

- Gets your child ‘school ready’ with first steps reading and writing
- Promotes a lifelong love of reading that sets your child on a path to academic success
- Teaches your child the important high frequency words essential for their first years at school
- Teaches phonological awareness and letter names and sounds
- Teaches vital comprehension skills so your child learns to think about what they are reading
- Captures your child’s progress so you can review it
- Bud-e’s world is delightful, humorous and fun so kids love it
- Bud-e is your child’s friend and guide within the digital world making it an entirely independent experience

- The world of Bud-e is a bright, colourful, fun-filled adventure
- The stories they read are funny and captivating and make reading exciting

- A set of 20 delightfully funny stories written by world renowned children’s author and literacy expert, Jill Eggleton.
- Learn to read and write 24 high frequency, sight words

This Price is Bundle Set of Three 3.
Can you choose any three 3 from the following titles:
  • Silly Billy
  • Tricky Mouse
  • The Humgry Ducks
  • Hop-it
  • What a Muddle
  • Alien in the Park
  • Junk Car
  • Mice Mischief
  • Be Careful Monkey
  • No Teasing Elephants
  • Wake-up Cow
  • At the Market
  • Oops! Ouch! Yuck!
  • Trouble for Jack
  • Trouble for Monkey
  • What a Mess!
  • A Flea on me
  • Lucky Escape
  • Cave Cat
  • Run Robot

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