Key Links

Key Links is the latest collection of structured readers developed for readers up to 12 years old by the renowned writer, Jill Eggleton. Jill is a well-known educationalist based in New Zealand and has authored the series, Sails Literacy and Connectors. With over 164 titles in both print and digital book formats, this range engages the readers in carefully-crafted text passages, and provides rich opportunities for developing strong understanding of language literary and literature concepts, skills and strategies.

Products in this series:

  • 212 Graded Printed Titles
  • Key Links Digital (eBooks)
  • 24 Graded Big Books (4 Levels - 6 titles each)
  • 7 Teachers' Tool Box


Which is suitable for my students?

  • Magenta (Emergent) – 2-3 yrs
  • Red (Early) – 3-4 yrs

  • Yellow (Early) – 5-6 yrs

  • Blue (Early) – 6-8 yrs

  • Green (Early) – 6-8 yrs

  • Orange (Fluency) – 7-9 yrs

  • Turquoise (Fluency) – 7-9 yrs

  • Purple (Fluency) – 8-10 yrs

  • Gold (Fluency) – 8-10 yrs

Key Links Digital (eBooks)

Available for iPad, Android Tablets & Windows PC!


  • allows children to listen to the narration
  • Record and Playback function allows children to record their own voice and playback to listen to how they read
  • Type/Write Feature
  • Optional translation function allows text to be translated to Mandarin
  • *Auto Hidden Teacher’s Focus Panel allows for a wider page view to enhance the reading experience and acts as an optional guide for parents to coach their children
  • *Interactive White Board functionality (iPad & Android tablets only)
  • Progress report which helps records child’s learning progress
  • Progress Viewer phone application to allow monitoring of child's progress on phone
  • *Upload recording & writing activity to Key Links Server
  • *Message Board
  • *Free Feature Updates

*Features are for school purchase.

For personal purchase (parents), please click here.

For school purchase (teachers), please click here.


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For more information, please visit www.keylinksdigital.com.

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